"I am Kirk Lemoine, Chief Executive Officer of Bienville Medical Center. It is my honor and privilege to serve with over 50 employees including our medical staff at Bienville Medical Center.

I am married with three children and came to Bienville Medical Center in 2008 knowing that my home away from home needed improvements. Since then we have brought quality physicians and nurses still here today that provide a better continuum of care.

New equipment upgrades and additional services always are a sign of growth which is currently in our plan. Soon Bienville Medical Center will have new state of the art Radiographic equipment along with a new Cardiac Infusion program to better serve our community.

Our main focus is to meet the individual needs and to provide exceptional healthcare with a caring and personal touch. Bienville Medical Center provides healthcare service to all of Bienville Parish and surrounding areas which we want to continue for years to come.

I will remain dedicated to Bienville Medical Center, its community and its neighboring parishes."

And always remember Bienville Medical Center will forever be,

“Community Focused” And “Community Based”