Bienville Departments

Bienville Departments

Patient focused care with nurses and doctors who can provide the medical assistance you need, look no further than Bienville Medical Center.

Our services we provide to you are listed below:

Our Friendly and caring physical therapist will partner with physicians, to establish a personalized physical rehabilitation program that addresses your needs. We believe each patient deserves to have all of their care provided by a highly skilled and licensed therapist.

Call us for more information.

Emergency Department

Bienville Medical Center offers emergency care services for life-threatening illnesses and accidents. An emergency physician is here for you and your loved ones day and night. Our emergency room staff is ready to provide fast, efficient and effective emergency care to all patients.

Call our Emergency room for more information on services at 318-263-4700
For a medical emergency call 911 and get to your nearest emergency room for treatment

Radiology Department

Bienville Medical Center offers a variety of radiology services, including diagnostic imaging, Computer Tomography scans (CT), X-rays and ultrasounds. All exams are performed by qualified registered technologists who skillfully attend to each patient's needs.

Patients and medical facilities are welcome to schedule outpatient services here at Bienville Medical Center. Call 318-263-4700 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.—5 p.m. to book a consultation.

Inspirations Outpatient Counseling Center

We offer outpatient counseling services designed to speed the process of healing emotionally, physically and mentally. Our program is tailored to your individual needs and may include individual, group and family therapy.

Our program is available four mornings per week, Monday through Thursday. We do not offer afternoon sessions at this time. Transportation is available and meals are provided.

Patients, families, physicians or anyone concerned about an individual can call us for a screening.

Laboratory Department

Bienville Medical Center offers a variety of in-house laboratory services. Our lab is open 24-hours through the emergency room or outpatient services. We provide outpatient laboratory services on a daily basis for many out-of-town physicians and home health agencies.
Patients and medical facilities are encouraged to call 318-263-4700 with any questions about our outpatient services or lab work.