Bienville Medical Center

Bienville Medical Center is a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). A CAH is a healthcare facility that provides outpatient and inpatient hospital services to people in rural areas.

The designation was established by law, for special payments under the Medicare program. To be designated as a CAH, a hospital must be located in a rural area; provide 24-hour emergency services; have an average length-of-stay for its patients of 96 hours or less; be located more than 35 miles from the nearest hospital and/or be designated by its State as a "necessary provider." CAHs have no more than 25 beds.

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Our Philosophy

Bienville Medical Center’s provides high-quality patient care in a gentle environment. Our dedicated group of physicians strive to provide a setting where patients receive advanced, personalized care and treatment.

Bienville Medical Center has a compassionate and professional staff to attend to each patient's needs.

Our philosophy has impacted the lives of our patients, resulting in improved outcomes, shorter hospital stays and more cost-effective treatments.

Allegiance Health Management, Inc.

Bienville Medical Center is owned and managed by Allegiance Health Management (AHM).

Bienville Family Clinic

For all Non-Emergency needs, please see Bienville Family Clinic's website to schedule an appointment.

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